RP Log; Infection

[Who]: OOC!Near white_sparkles & IC!Mello mellodramatics
[Where]: Headquarters~!
[When]: A week after this~
[On What?]: MSN, third person para-styled RP~
[Rating]: PG-13 [For naughty words, a raunchy make-out session and a wee bit of violence! :D]
[Summary]: OOC!Near pays a visit to Headquarters and manages to find IC!Mello, who's pretty pissed off at the little dude~ They have a fight, blah, blah, blah~ And then their confrontation grows... a bit more heated.♥
[Notes]: Uh. Sorry Kali~ D: Akane and I couldn't help but finish this log. ;o; *clings to* We still love you though~ And now you don't have to worry about tagging. xD; Also there's a song download with this~ :X I just thought the lyrics were fitting for the scene. *shot dead*

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RP Log; -- m i n d g a m e s --

[Who]: OOC!Near white_sparkles & IC!Mello mellodramatics
[Where]: Whammy's House~ O:
[When]: Uh. Today? 8D
[On What?]: MSN, third person para-styled RP~
[Rating]: PG-13 [For violence, naughty words, wangst and a kiss.]
[Summary]: IC!Mello decides to visit OOC!Near and see how much pain he can inflict upon his play-thing. Of course heated arguments ensue, then IC!Mello sort of loses it and OOC!Near has an epiphany of sorts. ...Draaaaaaaaaaama~~~ And bipolar OOCness on IC!Mello's part. 8D
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[Who]: IC!L sockssuck, OOC!Near white_sparkles & IC!Mello mellodramatics
[Where]: Headquarters~! :D;;
[When]: Two days after this~
[On What?]: MSN, script-styled RP. >> <<
[Rating]: PG-13ish? I think~? ♥ *sparkles at*
[SHORT Summary]: Uh. OOC!Near ninjas into headquarters; IC!L catches him; IC!Mello wakes up to find the two conversing and proceeds to give OOC!Near mixed messages and basically is a hypocritcal jerk. All the while IC!L is amused as hell... and OOC!Near fluctuates between being sparkly and being cold. :D;;

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RP Log, IC! Light and IC! Matsuda

[Who]: IC Light and IC Matsuda
[Where]: Right inside of headquarters
[When]: When Matsuda comes back to work
[On what?]: MSN, third person
[Rating]: PG-13ish, crack up randomness!
[Summary]: This was played some time ago, Light goes to apologize to Matsuda and things are a little over the top weird!

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RP Log: IC L and OOC Raito

[Who]: IC L and OOC Raito
[Where]: café, Raito's apartment
[When]: early morning
[Rating]: NC-17. Because who needs kid-friendly logs? :P
[On What]: MSN, third person
[Summary]: Directly following this log, L wakes up early and leaves, making Raito distraught. He finds him in a café, and after some fluff they go back and smut happens. There's more fluff afterwards, and L discovers that Raito is hiding something.

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RP Log; Walking Forward

[Who]: OOC!Near white_sparkles & IC!Mello mellodramatics
[Where]: A random convenience store~! :D;;
[When]: Three days after this~
[On What?]: MSN, third person para-styled RP~
[Rating]: PG~! Yay for more kid!friendly logs~!
[Summary]: IC!Mello drags OOC!Near with him on a date chocolate run. Nothing good could possibly come out of it, right?

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RP Log; Bruised Affection

[Who]: OOC!Near white_sparkles & IC!Mello mellodramatics
[Where]: Headquarters! :D;;
[When]: The day after this~
[On What?]: MSN, third person para-styled RP~
[Rating]: PG~! Yaaaaaaaaay for kid!friendly logs
[Summary]: IC!Mello gets assaulted by sunlight and thinks that OOC!Near is rather cute when he's sleeping. OOC!Near wakes up, things get awkward, IC!Mello hints that OOC!Near should leave, then feels bad about it. IC!Mello apologizes, sort of... aaaaaaaand. Stuff.

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